Client Hub

Optimized access for seamless monitoring and automation of trading operations from one portal

Multi-Management & Multi-Tool


Simple & Streamlined

Multi-Platform, Multi-Account Management

Manage multiple accounts across different trading platforms with a streamlined view.

Multi-Currency Wallet with Internal Funds Transfer

Transfer to linked accounts with multi-currency support of any currency.


View essential trade and account metrics at a glance from your dashboard.

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Automated & Independent Control

Onboarding and KYC

Streamlined operational flow and effortless online onboarding and Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process.

Tools & Features

Manage key trade account controls such as deposit, withdrawal, and leverage changes via the client hub.

Automated Updates

Trade account details are automatically updated to MT4 and MT5 via our automated data system, ensuring real-time updates with no human error.

Alerts & Notifications

Keep updated and receive email alerts and notifications when changes have been made, and requests are approved or declined.

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