Celebrating 10 Years of Fintech Finesse: Lively Fanfare at Broctagon’s New Singapore Headquarters

Jul 30, 2019

Broctagon Fintech Group officially opened the doors to our new Singapore headquarters with much fanfare at our opening party on 24th July 2019, right in the heart of Asia’s financial hub.

The exclusive event saw a turnout of about 150 people comprising of our clients, partners and employees. As a Singapore-helmed company, this re-establishes our strong presence in our founding roots.

Located in the Heart of the CBD

Broctagon Fintech Group’s new Singapore headquarters is situated at the Far East Finance Building in Raffles Place, a prime location right in the epicenter of Singapore’s central business district.

A Decade of Fintech Finesse

24th of July marks our 10th-year anniversary, signaling a decade of finesse as a fintech solutions provider. This symbolic date, 24/7, illustrates not only our continuous innovation to fintech excellence and client commitment, but also our round-the-block liquidity provision. Broctagon offers a full suite of services with core competencies in institutional-grade liquidity, turnkey brokerage solutions, as well as end-to-end blockchain services.

The day kicked off with a great display of a lion dance troupe, brought in to usher in the auspicious occasion. Lions in Chinese tradition are symbols of luck and happiness, and the lion dance ceremonial ritual is an age-old practice to welcome good fortune.

Unveiling Enhanced Liquidity Offerings

CEO and Co-Founder, Don Guo, also took the opportunity during our grand opening to unveil the next generation of Broctagon products and services.

As a multi-asset liquidity provider, Broctagon’s new enhanced offerings now covers a range of more than 1,000 financial products of forex, shares, indices, cryptocurrency derivatives and more in an ever-expanding list, all under highly competitive trading conditions. Broctagon offers an unmatched rate of the lowest spreads for multiple global asset classes.

Our Global Presence

Don also thanked the Broctagon team, which comprises of key leaders and employees from all over the world including Singapore, China, Cyprus, India, Hong Kong and Russia.

Broctagon prides ourselves on being one family of excellent, driven individuals, bringing our skillsets together from six countries to give our clients the latest innovation in fintech solutions.

Exploring New Opportunities Within the Fintech Community

Broctagon’s Singapore headquarters opening party also featured networking opportunities with fintech enthusiasts, media, and industry leaders, as they bonded over food and refreshments.

In attendance were multiple media partners such as FX168, one of the most prominent FX news portal in China, and Millionaire Asia, a regional multi-channel platform targeted at High Net Worth Individuals in Asia, who graced the event with their presence and coverage, all enthusiastic to witness the momentous occasion and the next innovation in Broctagon’s offerings.

Our valued partners such as Take Profit Technology were also present, with whom we work together to develop the latest in liquidity technology, the Broctagon Network of Exchanges for Universal Settlement (NEXUS), a global forex and crypto liquidity aggregator.

Unifying Global FX and Crypto Liquidity

NEXUS provides institutional-grade liquidity for both traditional and innovative asset classes with streaming ultra-low latency aggregated feeds— a technology that establishes our foothold as a top-tier multi-asset liquidity provider in Asia.

Onward to the Next Decade and Beyond

With ten years of fintech finesse under our belt, we look forward to the next ten years of continued growth in Singapore. The lessons we have learnt and the experience we have gained over the past decade has armed us with the skills and expertise we need to better navigate new and emerging markets as well as seek ever-improving solutions for our valued clients.

To everyone who took time out of their busy schedules and made our event as vibrant as meaningful and memorable as it was. As ever, we welcome with open arms any and all opportunities for partnerships and synergies no matter where you are in the region — you know where to find us.

Once again, thank you — and cheers to another decade of fintech finesse!