Broctagon AXIS CRM’s Refined Rewards System for Client Acquisition

Sep 10, 2020

Brokerages with Broctagon’s AXIS CRM can now improve client acquisition with increased functionalities and configurations to suit their individual brokerage expansion needs. Broctagon’s highly sophisticated brokerage CRM has been improved with this latest patch to serve you better. Here’s the rundown on the latest updates:

More Ways to Acquire a Larger Client Base

Signup rewards for traders have been improved with more configurable conditions to help brokers execute and manage marketing promos better. Reward real client conversions and acquisitions with automated bonus payouts based on multiple configurable conditions such as minimum trade requirement and completion of KYC.

Brokers can reward traders based on these newly-added conditions:

  • Reward post-completion of Mobile Verification or KYC
  • Implement Minimum Deposit or Minimum Trades Requirement
  • Set a Minimum Rank requirement and allow traders to earn from referral.
  • Set a Deadline for completion of actions.

More In-Depth Analytics Options

Access more analytics at your fingertips and understand your audience demographics through upgraded integration compatibility with popular analytics softwares. Brokers can add and configure their own standard analytics scripts with third-party tools such as Google Analytics, to increase their understanding of the clients’ profiles and key behaviour, not just trading patterns.

Broctagon AXIS CRM Refines Configurable Rewards System for Client Acquisition

Increased Live Chat Customization and Automation

Improve your customer service management with a personalised live chat that can be configured into automated canned responses based on admin rights, region, customer type and more. AXIS now allows deep integration with Livechat INC, improving your customer support lead time and process.

Brokers can configure the following Live Chat functions:

  • Automated chat messages for frequently-asked questions.
  • Custom message chat based on user location.
  • Custom message display on registration page filtered by trader type and group.
  • Live chat configuration specific to different admin profiles and rights.

What is AXIS?

Affiliate Expansion Integrated System

  • Comprehensive: Single platform for customer management and business
  • Tailored: Fully customizable to your unique business model
  • Seamless: Zero integration inertia with your existing business systems
  • Lightning-Fast Marketing: Powerful affiliate marketing functionalities for rapid brand awareness and market penetration

Broctagon’s AXIS CRM is designed to enhance every client touchpoint, from onboarding, to KYC, and integrated investment tools, while you gain full access to a comprehensive suite of operational-optimization tools. AXIS is built to expand client networks effortlessly with the dynamic ability to tailor, monitor and oversee multilevel commission tiers.

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